Michael Schmidt Photography

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Loving these photos...
The last photo reminds me of a picture I saw of my dad and a girlfriend in the 60's. She looks so much like the girl in the b+w photos.

Find more pictures and his profile here


Just stopping by!

>> Saturday, September 26, 2009

I thought I'd just drop in to say hi...

We have been a bit busy but I thought I'd upload a pic real quick! We've been to many malls to my absolute delight, and today took many pictures along the waterfront of Doha and even went to the Museum of Islamic Art which was really good! The building itself is a piece of art! Actually it's safe to say that every building here is a piece of art! Everything is designed so uniquely. Such an interesting place! Tonight we're going to the Pearl, which is where the wealthy live and play, and we'll also be going to Souq Waqquif which is a traditional Arabic market place which should be awesome! I love souvenieres and old looking treasures!
Anyways that's all for now :)


Meet Tavi

>> Friday, September 25, 2009

She's so mini but yet has more personality (and possibly more style and fashion knowledge) than five 20-something year olds put together. She's only 13 years old and has a fashion blog called Style Rookie and is pretty much the biggest thing to hit the fashion blog world.

Meet Tavi.

She describes herself on her blog as:
Tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo's doorsteps and serenades her in rap. Rather cynical and cute as a drained rat. In a sewer. Farting. And spitting out guts.

She was 'reporting' live from the runways of New York Fashion Week, posting up pics on her blog from her, ahem, front row seat (!!) including very quirky and excited comments.

Tavi really does put a smile on my dial. Seriously, you should follow her blog...like now! She definitely turns a bad day around.

*sigh* I wish I was 13 again...
Tavi with Mr. Alexander Wang himself at NY Fashion Week
via Huffington Post
Tavi with Laia and Elizabeth at the Patrik Ervell Spring/Summer 2010 Presentation
via Huffington Post


Doha, Qatar

>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As of tomorrow I will be in that picture. I will be in a shopping mall that has a canal running through it, replicated to be like Venice...but in the Middle East. I think I'm most excited about the shopping mall part.

But my wonderful holiday has finally come and my husband and I will spend 5 days in Qatar and 3 days in Oman (which I hear is absolutely beautiful). Some may never even heard of these places, so I'm excited about something slightly more exotic. Oh, and did I mention that I'm excited about shopping?

Hopefully that Middle Eastern sun will cool down for us and we won't get swept by a sandstorm. Fingers crossed.

Beryl xo

p.s. Not to worry I've scheduled some posts for the next week so please make sure you drop by, so my blog won't get lonely without me!


Glamour Session

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scarlett red was definitely the stand out colour at the Emmy's on Sunday night with Hayden Panettiere, Blake Lively, and Australia's beloved Toni Collette looking fetching in their gorgeous flowing gowns.

Here are a few of my other faves, and doesn't Heidi Klum look GREAT! She almost makes me want to get pregnant if I will look as good as her...almost.
And across the seas in Australia, the prestigious Brownlow was held for the Australian Football League (AFL), which allowed the footballers' better halves to glamour up...


Support Breast Cancer with E&J

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

It's only $58 and is made from beautiful rose gold. Buy one to support a good cause that affects nearly too many of us girls, or those near and dear to us. Get it while it's hot here...


Nepal Fashion Week

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not sure if I shared with you that I actually pulled out of Nepal Fashion Week. I think it freaked me out that I had to learn the 'catwalk' in one week and couldn't even devote any proper time to it coz of my day job. But alas, I still did the Fashion Week photoshoot and below is the final product that was in Nepal's english newspaper and on a couple of billboards around Kathmandu, but I just thought I'd share it with you all just in case you were interested!
I'm not the biggest fan of the photo. I really think they could've chose better but ahh well!


Margherita Missoni

>> Friday, September 18, 2009

Just to compliment yesterdays post...
Isn't she beautiful? Great name too! Hrmm...I wish I was a Missoni....


Missoni Home

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have been eying off the Missoni home collection for a little while now, because one thing that I'm always willing to splurge on is a new bed covers and this-and-that for the house (not that I have a permanent home yet...). I love the prints Missoni use. They are so vibrant and unique - I just hope they aren't too 'girly' for my husband...



>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That was how I felt when I got out of bed. Bleh bleh bleh. Strong headache and a blocked nose. Hello cold! I thought I had it under control, but here it is rearing it's ugly head (sorry for the bad visuals!).

Then, to step up the bleh-ness of my day, here is a story that may brighten yours...

I'm not sure if any of you knew this, but I live in Nepal. Nepal is a third world country. Which is the reason I am here - to help the Nepali people learn about hygiene, reproductive health, economic development and other complicated things that we westerners claim to already have in practice. So today as I was walking to my place of work a van drives past and out comes, what appears to be, a mouthful of water (I don't want to imagine what else it could be). And where do you suppose it lands? Oh yes! You got it! All over ME! Words cannot express how frustrated, angry and PISSED off I felt. When I got to work I attempted to wipe myself down, but the YUK-NESS was irremovable. Everyone spits here, it's the grossest thing ever - so don't go barefoot when you come to Nepal. You might catch all sorts of nasty things. Anyway, the words 'one way ticket back to Australia' having been mulling in my mind...

In other news, a few images came to my attention and have made my day mildly better:

One is a photo by Mr. Sartorialist in NYC - loving the casual look and the stripey skirt. I see this whole boyfriend shirt thing is coming back in and I'm not sure how my husband is going to react to seeing me go through his wardrobe...And one of the shows I have been eagerly awaiting from the runways of New York, is Alexander Wang's Spring/Summer 2010. Here are a few of my faves:

pics via grazia


I need Watering

I am going on holidays next week. My first holiday in 9 months. My first holiday since entering the big wild career - work 9 to 5 - sit in front of a computer, world.

And guess what. My huband came down with a cold last week. So of course the world has turned on me and I'm next.

I need to prevent this thing by all measures. The number #1 piece to my armor is water. And I'm going to drink a crap load.
And drink lots of lemon & honey, and eat lots of garlic and lots of green leafy things...
I'm ready for you cold-flu thing!


Charlotte Ronson

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, you know what...while I'm at it, here are some of my faves from Charlotte's Fall '09 collection.

You can find them all here and more (check out the Shoshanne made by Charlotte Ronson swimwear range) at charlotteronson.com


The Rad Ronson's

>> Friday, September 11, 2009

So, I never meant for this blog to be about 'celebrities' or even to mention them as much as I have lately - so I promise this will be the last thing for a while!

I was watching a fashion/celebrity special the other night on VH1 on the Ronson Family, probably because of the Harper's Bazaar feature on them in it's September (?) issue, and was intrigued. If you have absolutely no idea who I'm talking about, here's a hot tip - Lindsay Lohan's on/off girlfriend Samantha, is a Ronson. But this shouldn't be the only Ronson you've heard of. Mark, Samantha's dear older brother is a 'hotshot' music producer who was responsible for Amy Winehouse's breakthrough album, Version. And if you still aren't acquainted with the Ronson name, there is Charlotte Ronson of the fashion world. Yeah, I know...she's a Ronson too! Actually she's Samantha's twin sister. Go figure huh! They don't look anything alike...

I was surprised. I had heard of each of the Ronson siblings, but never connected the dots and actually realised that they were related! Shows how slow I am, hey! Anyways, I just wanted to share this revelation with you - they seem like a really cool family despite all living in the limelight. Oh and look, you can learn new things from watching VH1!
But also, before I forget, there is another sibling that you may not be aware of, she's the half-sister to the Ronson's (pictured above - far left) and is actually Charlotte Ronson's leading model for her line. Her name is Annabelle Dexter-Jones and has crazy cool style (which is probably helped by the fact her sister is a fashion designer). You've gotta admit, she's hot. I really like her chic and edgy look - definitely one of my new favourite models.


Isabel Lucas

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

You've gotta admit, Isabel Lucas is looking gorgeous in Italian Vogue.

Out of all the Australian actors and actresses, she was the last person I imagined to make it 'big' in Hollywood. But alas, she has. Maybe it's her strange and unique demeanor that got her there, that or the fact that she dated Adrian Grenier, but either way being personally invited to sit front row at Chanel's Haute Couture fashion show in Paris by Karl Lagerfeld - should be a huge indicator that you've made it!


The Surf Lodge: Montauk NY

>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here I go again with my associations, but I have never associated the sun, beach and surf with New York, until now. To me New York is all shops, glitzy, flashing lights, yellow cabs, broadway, concrete territory. Completely opposite to the sun-bathed, golden tan, wear-summer-dresses-all-year-round, Los Angeles. But now my eyes have been opened, and New York has gotten a whole lot better! I have never been to New York, LA - yes, but NY is still up there on the list. And now knowing that I can still have my stylish beach holiday and shop til I drop without having to buy a plane ticket to the otherside of the country, pushes NY closer to number 1 on that list (Turkey is #1 in case you were wondering).
About 200kms from New York City is Montauk, a sleepy coastal town on the east end of Long Island. Nearly 500m from the beach is the beautifully kept, The Surf Lodge.
Judging by the photos, it looks like your home away from home where you can relax with a board game with friends or sip cocktails on the expansive deck while watching the sun set.
After ohh-ing and aahing and the photos on the website for the past little while, I now have even more reason to visit NYC, for some summer lovin' and not just to go shopping.via thecoolhunter.com.au

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