eBay eats my life away...

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I could count the hours and minutes that I have spent on eBay...well it would probably equal a lot of time that I thought was productive. I compare it to trawling through the racks of an op-shop trying to find that one bargain that I can ever so secretively, brag about.

Envy-er: "Omg I can't believe you spent that much on a Sass&Bide dress"
Me: "Well you know the aid organisation gave me a bonus this month (?!?!)"

That's how I picture it in my mind, but the Sass&Bide dress one hasn't come true yet!

I have bought snowboard boots, 2 watches, sneakers, heels, tops, dresses, a snowboard cover, mobile phones (x4), laptop covers, a page-boy pillow, DVDs and I nearly even ordered my wedding dress on eBay (!), all this since I became a member in 2005 and because I thought I was getting 'steals'.

Isn't hindsight funny? Because as I look back on my purchases I realise that I haven't saved that much money. The snowboard cover was an absolute rip off - I clearly did not do my research prior to the purchase and instead hit the 'make a bid that is ridiculously high' button too eagerly. Including postage from the US it cost about 20% more than what I could have paid for in Australia! And don't get me started on this Volcom dress I bought... well now I've started I have to tell you...

I accidentally came across it while searching 'vintage dresses' and as one of my favourite surf/street/snow brands, I wanted it desperately. It was white and had black polka dots all over it with spaghetti straps...I had already imagined wearing it on hot summer days, with everyone complimenting me on it, and even dressing it up for glam events... I had decided that no one was going to get in between me and the dress, but there was still 20 hours or so to go on bidding. I was on my lunch break at college when it was going to end which I took as a huge SIGN that it was meant to be mine.
Now if you are an avid eBay-er you would know that the best time to make a bid is in the dying moments, but sometimes I just can't control myself and if its something I really want I will attack! So that's what I did, brought it up to $60, but as it turns out someone else wanted this dress as much as I did...and kept raising the price and of course my competitive streak just got the best of me, so I kept bidding! It turns out this was a good 30 min's before the end of bidding, which I wish I took notice of because before long the dress was around the $100 mark (gulp!), and I was putting in my final bid of $105 in the last second to win my prize...I mean dress! I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I had already come so far..did I mention that I was bidding in US dollars here?
I'm not even going to calculate how much it was in Aussie dollars + postage...but let's just say that the dress has found a wonderful home in my wardrobe, so cosy in fact it has barely left it (I've worn it about 3 or 4 times...OK I exaggerated - only once!).

I guess in my random ramblings I have highlighted a pro (getting amazing bargains) and con (being sucked in and paying crazy prices) of eBay. You know, I could have made so many more purchases with just the click of the button, but my indecisiveness has been to my advantage where it has left me umming and ahhhing until its too late, where I end up missing out on the Sass&Bide dress by $5.00. But, I think its the chase of the item...sitting there watching, waiting, seeing if the price will go up or stay at the desirable $10. Since moving overseas, that is what eBay has become to me, a game. A game where I shop virtually, and add things to my 'watch list'..and watch, wait and watch. I always hate it when an item ends without me watching it - I miss out on the pressure of deciding whether to make a bid, even though I really don't want to coz I'm trying to save the pennies in my pocket.

Adding items to by my watch list is satisfying. I feel like I've already bought just because I've committed to it being in my watch list. Everyday I log in and just admire the things on my list, thinking how wonderful it would be if they lived in my wardrobe...but that's all I do, just think about it. Anyway, if I miss out on it this time, another one always seems to turn up!

Through all of this I have deciphered the fact that I have found a solution to my recession woes. With just one click of a button I can satisfy my shopping urges without actually handing any money over, wow its like what every girl has dreamed of! Of course it would be better if I actually got something in return, but like I said recession woes...

So currently I am watching 9 things on My eBay: 2 Nixon watches, 2 pairs of cowboy boots, a dress, a plaid jacket, 2 pairs of sunglasses and a passport wallet...I'll tell you in 6 days 2 hours how many things I have actually purchased.


A Jeans kinda Girl

i am most comfortable when i'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. it's when i feel most like 'me' and i usually feel like i'm ready to take on the world. i probably even get more work done when i'm wearing jeans to work, i just feel so relaxed...*sigh*....but i do believe it is time to find my new favourite pair and here are some of my options...

-april 77 joey nerve snow -lee rinse wash supertube
-nudie superblue tight john -sass&bide frayed misfit

just discovered the denim of 'cheap monday' - can't wait to visit the store in Melbourne when i go home! here is some jean-candy for you from them...


Octagonal Pentagonal Oval Shapes

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Max Azaria is the man behind Herve Leger, and what a creative man he is! these leather multifaceted oval clutches are so unique but yet so classy - i guess that is why they caught my eye! perfect for that dressed up night out with a LBD and some strappy heels...but retailing for $598...i may need to just carry around a photo of it!


More Amazing Treehouses

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i know i have posted about possibly the coolest treehouse ever, but now i think i have found a company that could give it a run for its money...like literally, they make whatever treehouse you want and these treehouses are pricey but would be totally worth it!! a cup of jo posted these and i rushed to amazon treehouses immediately...

let your imagination run wild?
create your own unique getaway?
a place for rest and relaxation?
made in harmony with the trees?

look i don't know about you but i have already started sketching my very own treehouse! i will just have to start saving the pennies to make my sketches come true!



maybe its because i get to flash my red or pink coloured toe-nails, but i love peep-toe shoes. i guess it helps me keep my toes in shape, otherwise i'd forget about those little guys down there! i think they are so flattering and feminine, especially with painted nails - just a reminder to everyone that us girls' have inner vixen's just waiting to get out!

flat, tall, skinny or round i will take one in each style...thanks!

top row - witchery
bottom row - anthropologie


did someone say tights and dresses look GREAT?

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

well maybe i will say it....tights and dresses look GREAT together!!

from thread social's fall 2009 collection


The Unicorn Diaries

ugh! this blog is so enchanting and magical that i have left the website open and just keep switching windows so it will take me to another place other than where i am (work). it came up on a twitter update by dujour mag and it has totally captured me.

photographs, illustrations and objects that remind me of wonderland and chasing rabbits through a snow covered forest floor. i wish i could be like alice...*sigh*

more pics on flickr...


Photographer Camil Tulcan

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

these photograph's by Camil Tulcan just suckered me in...i think it was the snow that got me since i am having an endless summer this year, with no chance of getting to snowboard =( ...loving the blurred ballerinas...


whimsical dreamy dresses

i saw these lovely dresses and have fallen in love. the lady behind them is sarah seven and she does custom made dresses that are frilly and flowy and completely girly. i am a big fan of rouching, strapless and sweetheart cuts especially on wedding dresses and her bridal line has stolen my heart. even her other dresses would be perfect for a bridesmaid....anyone need a bridesmaid to wear these dresses? my hand is already up!

check out her etsy shop...


San Fran

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

i have just gotten in contact with my nieces again through good old facebook...we used to hang out together when we were 7 or 8 on occasional visits to the philippines, so it has been a while...but they live in San Francisco now and i guess our happy reunion has now left me with a great wanting to visit them over there.

i visited SF when i was 7 years old and remember recovering from chicken pox (which didn't make me the happiest girl in the world) and being worried that my brand new black headband would blow off my head on the windy Golden Gate Bridge. i remember that the Golden Gate Bridge was high, like really high and obviously the wind didn't help my experience - it was probably my first memory of actually being scared of heights (that and going on the Magic Mountain ride at Disneyland - scared me for life!).

i remember being desperate to visit the 'Full House' house in hope of seeing one of the Olsen twins and wanting to ride the tram and hang out of it...just like on the show! but not every girl can strike it lucky and go to Disneyland for her birthday, get given Princess Barbie and see the Olsen twins all on one trip!i think that if i went now it would be a totally different experience, obviously now i'm 22 with different interests (like shopping!). Jordan Ferney of oh happy day made a list of 50 things to do with your children in SF before they grow up. personally, i don't think they are just for kids! or maybe it's just the kid in me - but i would do most of the things on the list! here are some of my favourites i have picked out:

  • Camp at Kirby Cove right beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Book early in the year (January) for the summer.
  • Go to the Westin St. Francis at Union Square and ride the glass elevators. Make sure you lean your head against the glass. You can see the whole city.
  • Rent a Rowboat at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Play around on the island in the middle.
  • Ride the Cable Cars. Get the good seats up front and ask the operator to ring the bell.
  • Alta Plaza Park. One of the most beautiful parks in the city.
  • City Lights Book Store. See where the Beat movement was born.
  • Go to a Giants game.
  • Charter a boat and sail around San Francisco Bay.
  • Attend the Nutcracker during the holidays.
  • Take a long bus ride on Muni to somewhere. Always an adventure.
now i'm just starting to save my pennies for that trip...


where i look to...

my new obsession is lookbook.nu where i am now turning for fashion inspiration. the invite only site showcases different looks from around the world which really tickle my fancy. i think it has such a high standard and i guess that's because it's invite only!

but i love that i can just think of a piece of clothing, like my leather jacket i was wanting to get, and check out how people are wearing it in singapore, paris, los angeles, stockholm, london...
even my nautical theme got a fly...i have noticed that the swedish are one of the most stylish..gosh they just know how to put everything together...damn ikea.

maybe i can be the first member from nepal? yes please!


feeling naughtily nautical...

like jumping on a yacht and sailing to australia - everyone else is doing it?!

cabbages&roses frill bottom stripe top --> the perfect striped top? blissfulb and blue moss think so...
alice+eve halter short one piece
rachel pally spaghetti wrap dress
camilla&marc jordana striped skirt


sick of bondage heels?

>> Thursday, April 23, 2009

not too long ago i was obsessed with buying a leather jacket and cowboy boots (not to be worn at the same time mind you - i am no cowgirl!). but now-a-days i'm seeing lots of leather jackets which has turned me off them and instead turned me towards a greater obsession of buying the perfect pair of second hand cowboy boots. i trawl through pages of them on ebay regularly!

...just perfect for summer days with skirts and cute dresses *sigh*


yikez! happy belated easter!

i just realised that there was a special post i was going to do during Easter time but completely missed out due to the non-Easter celebrations here in Hindu Nepal.

here are some scrumdidily-umtious cookies that are perfect for giving during Easter time. the jewels of new york make occasion suited cookies, and have gourmet recipes for that grand dinner party you're about to have. their food is beautifully photographed, so good i want to eat the computer screen!

diana and lisel are the design duo behind the name with a mission to 'uncover the hidden treasures New York has to offer and share them with friends through a collection of seasonal recipes and specialty holiday cookies.'

these gals really have an eye for presentation.

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