The Curious Case of Buttons

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am still reveling in excitement from my visit to the craft shop yesterday. I have always loved craft shops, in Australia and anywhere else in the world, but the only problem is that I never seem to have the time to sit down and indulge myself in the actual craft-making. At the craft shop I saw hand-twined pieces of rope, handmade paper, hand carved brass pendants, and my favourite: little buttons that looked like pieces from a tree trunk, buttons that were shaped into elephants, rhinos and jewels, some even with Buddha's face on them!

I realized that I really love buttons. Buttons on clothing can be a determining factor in my decision of purchase. And BIG buttons...well they sell me every time! So now I am going to buy a pack of these wooden style buttons to put on our wedding Thank You cards, just because I love buttons!

P.S. a big thank you to everyone that follows me on twitter! I have reached 100 followers! I never knew I could be excited about such a thing! But, thanks :)
And if you happen to receive Michi Girl excitement in your inbox daily, I promise that I came up with the title first!


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