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>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I just came back from our local paper & craft shop, Lokta, because my husband and I's wedding Thank You cards are well over due and we will be getting them printed there. But while I was in the store I made a very big mental list of all the Nepali trinkets and souvenirs I need to buy before we go back to the dear shores of Australia.

Here are some of the few things:
♣ A photo album with handmade paper pages
♣ An antique Tibetan jewelery box (see my blog post on them here)
♣ Screen printed Nepali prints to be framed
♣ Many handmade paper lamp shades
♣ Lots of journals made from handmade paper
♣ A woven rattan seat
Don't ask me how they are going to fit in one suitcase...


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