Lucky Mistake

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

yesterday i felt like buying a fashion magazine to stay up to date with the current who's and what's. so i picked up 'European Grazia', which was actually in english to my surprise. but once i got home, i began flicking through the pages, and of course its actually 'Indian Grazia', but they just like to state at the top that its 'Europe's best selling mag'. anyways, despite feeling incredibly duped about my purchase, it has been a treasure of a find (except for it telling me that 'sack' dresses are hot - talk about being grossed out!). i like its different perspective on fashion and current issues, and the odd add about saree's and kamese's does makes me giggle!

shareable things Indian Grazia has told me, is that blue nail polish is in, your wardrobe can effect the environment ( i may elaborate on this another time) and that there is a cute boutique store in Mumbai called 'attic' which stocks local up and coming designers that will definately give those in the fashion world some good competition! they stock Sabbah Sharma dresses which i am loving, one is on the front cover...


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