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>> Friday, April 3, 2009

i love travelling. its just the way it is, and thinking about it has been the only way to get me to 10am at work today! but, it is also friday, which means that for the next two days i get to sleep in. now while i have my extra zZzz's i'm going to need something to dream about, right? so that is why i have created travel feature friday... some exotic place for me (and you) to fantasize about over the weekend. then by monday, well you should have already booked your flights =)

so today i thought that i would share with you my next place of adventure, but by telling you - i bet it will change since its not in concrete yet...but it is Qatar.
i can hear you all muttering, wondering why i would want to go somewhere that is mainly a desert, and situated close to a war zone. but hello? oil rich country = dazzling shopping centres and beaches that lead into the Persian Gulf! well all that, and my cousin lives there so free accommodation, yay! but my research has led me to think that its a untapped jewel, with all the attractions of Dubai but with less tourists and stringent laws about bikinis. i will keep you updated on our plans - hopefully we end up going so i can give you a proper run down on this desert jewel.


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