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>> Friday, April 24, 2009

i have just gotten in contact with my nieces again through good old facebook...we used to hang out together when we were 7 or 8 on occasional visits to the philippines, so it has been a while...but they live in San Francisco now and i guess our happy reunion has now left me with a great wanting to visit them over there.

i visited SF when i was 7 years old and remember recovering from chicken pox (which didn't make me the happiest girl in the world) and being worried that my brand new black headband would blow off my head on the windy Golden Gate Bridge. i remember that the Golden Gate Bridge was high, like really high and obviously the wind didn't help my experience - it was probably my first memory of actually being scared of heights (that and going on the Magic Mountain ride at Disneyland - scared me for life!).

i remember being desperate to visit the 'Full House' house in hope of seeing one of the Olsen twins and wanting to ride the tram and hang out of it...just like on the show! but not every girl can strike it lucky and go to Disneyland for her birthday, get given Princess Barbie and see the Olsen twins all on one trip!i think that if i went now it would be a totally different experience, obviously now i'm 22 with different interests (like shopping!). Jordan Ferney of oh happy day made a list of 50 things to do with your children in SF before they grow up. personally, i don't think they are just for kids! or maybe it's just the kid in me - but i would do most of the things on the list! here are some of my favourites i have picked out:

  • Camp at Kirby Cove right beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Book early in the year (January) for the summer.
  • Go to the Westin St. Francis at Union Square and ride the glass elevators. Make sure you lean your head against the glass. You can see the whole city.
  • Rent a Rowboat at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Play around on the island in the middle.
  • Ride the Cable Cars. Get the good seats up front and ask the operator to ring the bell.
  • Alta Plaza Park. One of the most beautiful parks in the city.
  • City Lights Book Store. See where the Beat movement was born.
  • Go to a Giants game.
  • Charter a boat and sail around San Francisco Bay.
  • Attend the Nutcracker during the holidays.
  • Take a long bus ride on Muni to somewhere. Always an adventure.
now i'm just starting to save my pennies for that trip...


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