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>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The most memorable part of our trip was being treated a night in the 5 star resort, Sharq Village & Spa as a belated wedding present from my cousins. And I'm sure my husband would agree with me in saying that it was the best wedding present!
The Sharq is only 2 years old and cost $450 million to make (Yep I was shocked at the price too), and is run by the swanky Ritz-Carlton. Now, I've never been in a 5 star resort before, so much as a 4 star (as far as I can recall?) so this was a whole new experience for me and I felt incredibly under-dressed from the moment we walked in.
The foyer was amazingly decked out with crystals chandeliers and furry rugs and a marble floor. There were Arabian men & women gracefully floating around in their flowing Dishdashah's and Hijab's. It felt like we were amongst royalty.
There were 12 villas, in which were about 8 or 9 rooms and each villa had their own butler. Our room looked out towards the chilled pools (I know! Chilled pools! Well I guess you have to have that in the desert), and beyond the pools was the warm waters of the beach.
There were 5 things that I especially LOVED about our room, which left me wishing we could live in it:
1. It was right next to the pool
2. The shower was super pressurized and had steaming hot water on tap
3. There were Bvlgari toiletries in the bathroom which smelled delicious
4. The bed and sheets were the softest, most comfortable-ist things I have ever laid my body to rest in
5. My husband was there to share it all with me

It was a truly magical experience, and we are so thankful to my cousins for giving us the opportunity.

If you ever want to experience luxury, spend a night at the Sharq.


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