My first photoshoot

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last night I had my first ever - in the history of Beryl.

It was the wierdest thing, not like I expected a 'photoshoot' to be like, but they were super unorganised and didn't warn me about the dresses (they weren't very nice to say the least), and that I could've brought my own and my own shoes! So in the end my friend ripped off this bow on the back of the dress and I just had to 'work it'. Did I mention I had to do my own hair? Lucky we were going for the 'wild' look! Anyways, awkward would be the best word to describe how I felt, but we got the job done and hopefully the shots turn out okay!

Unfortunately I don't have any photos yet, but they tell me that it's going to be part of the ad campaign for Nepal Fashion Week and is going to be in the newspaper next week and possibly on billboards, BILLBOARDS! Since I am my own greatest critic, if you see the pictures on here it means that they are half decent :)

Anyways I'm going to document how this whole process goes through my blog, because this may be my one and only chance! So please join me on this new journey...


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