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>> Monday, June 1, 2009

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been busy helping the boys out with the shop. It's looking really good and is generating lots of interest which is fantastic. Definately getting some practice for my PR skills!

But, I think I've had one of those days...
On my Facebook profile I've written, "I am a very curious person - sometimes it kills the cat" and today I think I killed the cat.
I have this problem where I dig, and dig, and dig until I find what I'm looking for - sometimes it's a good trait to have and other times, not so great. So today I heard and read some stuff that burst my ego bubble and has left me deflated, and very uninspired. It happens to everyone, and I guess today is just my day, and if it didn't happen I would have nothing to remind me of who I am, what I believe in and my place in this big old world. I think in the end, it comes down to drive and spirit - that, and the fact that people that judge, don't really know me. But hey, that's adversity for you and what you get when you put yourself out there.

Anyway, yesterday I thought I would escape from the Arniko shop for a while and headed over to Durbar Marg. I've posted about it before here, but this time it was quite disappointing. I remembered it to be a shopping paradise which would satisfy my shop cravings just for the time being. Unfortunately this did not happen. I took the time to scout the lanes and stairways, hoping to bump into a real Zara or Aldo store, or at least an expensive Chanel/Givenchy/Louis Vuitton store, but to my surprise they didn't have one, even for the 'high class' Nepali's (which I later realised could probably afford to fly to Thailand or the Middle East if they really wanted some Couture labels). I was looking for a new handbag for work since I'm a little bit over the backpack and looking 'trekker-like' since I'm not passing through - I actually live here. One thing about shopping here is that I don't think they like people touching the merchandise. I had a lady follow me through a bag shop plumping and prodding the bags back into shape and their spot on the shelf after I had a look. I felt bad, but it's on my shopping criteria to fondle merchandise and see all of it's functions and what it's offering me before I'm going to buy it! Anyway, I settled on a black bag big enough to fit my macbook, but since bringing it home it smells - like really bad pleather...gross.

I also went to a shoe shop and tried on a million shoes and in the end couldn't decided between a black or white pair to go with my champagne coloured dress and was almost convinced I was going to buy both. But my conscience got me - that and the fact that I have to report all shopping to my husband =(

So the clothes, shoes, handbags and overall shopping in Nepal sucks. I read somewhere that they are stocking 2 or 3 season old American Eagle, Gap and Zara - and I mean the rejects from those seasons. The bad variety is something that my parents probably hope has stumped my addiction for all things shopping and fashion. But it hasn't! I still have it...


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