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>> Friday, May 22, 2009

so...i'm a stalker. the internet has obviously encouraged this. it is just so much easier to find out who's doing what, going where, seeing who, eating which and wearing what - and i'm not just talking about the stars. but come on, as if i'm the first person to admit it! curiousity is the driver behind it and you just have to admit it...girls are especially guilty of this. i mean, this is why you are reading my blog, is it not?

ok please don't close this window! i am not trying to deter you from reading about my silly billy wishlists and discoveries that 'thrill my heart', instead i am trying to encourage it! hence why i make blog posts nearly everyday...but anyway back to stalking. yes i stalk - it's true, and i realised the extent of this when after every episode of The Hills i Google which designer Lauren was wearing when she had that coffee with Audrina or when Kelly her boss tells her that she has to fire Stephanie... (its a white and navy bar tank by Philip Lim incase you were wondering too!)

so through the beauty of Google and the internet, i found this super duper fantastic site called Seen On which pretty much does the research for me. it basically stalks the fashionistas of TV and film - finds out what they are wearing and documents it for me. ahh too easy!

while going through Lauren's 'file' i noticed a recurring theme: alice + olivia.
very cool stuff by stacey bendet from NY who started it all from a pants obsession and nicknames her clothes 'stacey pants'.

i want to wear this stuff too! if you happen to visit the alice+olivia website make sure you keep an on eye on the models...they kept running away from me!


Jenaveve May 27, 2009 at 6:44 PM  

Nicely put! And hey, someone has to do it.
I used to do the same thing with Lipstick Jungle *did I just say that out loud?*

I luv alice + olivia. Off to check out the Seen On link - thanks for that.

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