happy Chanel day!

>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.
-- Coco Chanel

today is the 05/05, and is also the day that Coco Chanel released her beloved Chanel no. 5 way back in 1921. so keeping with tradition, today she has released her brand new advertisement featuring the chic Audrey Tautou. i personally don't have my very own bottle of Chanel no. 5, but i remember my mum desperately trying to send my dad hints to buy it for her whenever we were going through duty free at the airport on the way back from holidays. apparently she'd always wanted it, but could never afford it when she lived in the very poor Philippines. so finally, one year when we had a long stop over in Singapore she twisted my dad's arm and he bought it for her. she was so proud. so proud, that even now she barely uses it because she says that she's "saving it", for what i'm not sure, but it shows me how much it must mean to her (that, or she just doesn't even like it and won't admit it)!

so on this momentous occasion i have dug up Chanel no. 5's first advertisement from the 1970s (i could be wrong on this but its the earliest i could find - correct me if i'm wrong). it's so simple, and carries that allure and magic that is still found in the most recent advertisement.

and here is the latest Chanel no. 5 advertisement starring Audrey Tautou. not as glamorous as the one with Nicole Kidman - but still just as dreamy!
drum roll please...

but for me, i would be quite happy with a classic chanel bag...coz i could use my mum's no.5 anyway...


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