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>> Friday, June 25, 2010

In all my craziness last week, I forgot to do a Travel Feature Friday, so this week I have made sure it is the one thing I blog about. As I prepare my, ahem, shopping list for my trip to Bangkok in August (despite it being a work trip. It's going to be so hard to focus!), I was thinking of all the cool stores I have to visit. I've been there a few times now to know what to go straight for and what not to waste my time with. One store that popped into my head is the Q-Concept Store which my hubby and I discovered on our honeymoon last year.

It's a fun and quirky store that has such a variety of things in it, from crazy doll keyrings to home furnishings to clothes, you can spend hours in the store just playing with the random gadgets and toys. Like these catapult things we took a photo of: (please note the 'wedding slinger' and the 'baby shooter'!)
They have beautiful clothes and accessories, that seemed a little bit overpriced, but still beautiful nonetheless. It's the kind of shore that I would visit everyday, not to buy, but just to look and play. You would also find a gift for the most difficult-to-buy for person here, I think!

Next time you're in Bangkok make sure you pay a visit to the Q-Concept Store (even visit their website, it's all sorts of pretty!).
Siam Paragon, 3rd level next to the main atrium escalators.


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