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>> Friday, November 5, 2010

Am I allowed to post for October now? It's only early November. Coz to me, October just ended now that our trip has finished and we are back in Nepal! So I thought I would reminisce about what we were doing on my favourite day of our trip, which was of course our first full day in Paris!

Let me just fill you in: we've just spent 4 days in Morocco - 2 days of which my husband and our friends we were traveling with, were sick (me too, but not as bad as them).

It's Monday 24th October, 2010: we are exhausted, excited to be in Paris and have a cute little apartment in the 10th arrondissement which I found via Airbnb.com (and I highly recommend using it!).

Watching... Criminal Minds - season 4 - put the whole thing on my ipod just for our journey!
I think it should be: what am I not eating! But it's safe to say that croissants seem to be what I keep shoving in my mouth!
Reading... 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' by Stieg Larsson (note: I ended up finishing it in 2 days)
Listening... To beautiful French being spoken all around me and loving it!
Wanting... For once in a long time, nothing. I'm quite content after our trip :) I went into lots of shops and fulfilled my little list from 'Just a Minute in...September'
Excited about... And probably still excited about seeing the beautiful Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame, the River Seine, the Lourve, the Parisienne buildings, eating crepes filled with nutella and almonds, eating baguettes...I could seriously go on!

Paris stole another heart...which was mine.

Stay tuned for more posts from our trip :)


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