Just a Minute in...November

>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Watching... Criminal Minds - season 5 - I'm trying so hard to catch up the the current episodes, but watching it online from a dial-up speed internet connection is proving to be an issue!
Lemon slice made by moi!
Reading... 'The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest' by Stieg Larsson: The third book in the series! Can only read it in large chunks of time because of the description and suspense overload.
Listening... Marching bands playing as wedding season kicks off here in Nepal! The whole wedding party walks around the streets with a wedding band followed by their family and friends. Talk about a celebration!
Wanting... Lace shorts and a khaki playsuit for Thailand :)
Excited about... My birthday next week. But not so excited about the turning 24 years old bit :P

'Just a minute' is a fabulous idea from these ladies: click here and here...
{Photo of Natalia K for Zink Holiday 2010 via FGR}


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