Love to Hate: Packing

>> Sunday, August 15, 2010

By now, I'm starting to think that I have my travel essentials down pat. I love that the more you travel, the less stressful it gets (and I guess the less of a novelty it becomes!).

So as I pack for my trip to Thailand on tomorrow, here is what I'm packing and suggesting for on-board comfort...

  • Pashmina or a scarf: silk or cashmere or wool!  Since coming to Nepal I have truly learned the versatility of a pashmina. Even if you are going to a tropical destination a scarf instantly dress's up your look and serves multi-purposes; make it a pillow, a blanket to combat the terminal or plane's air conditioning, a pillow cover if your hotel's pillow aint' so clean, The possibilities are endless! I have a 70% Pashmina/30% Silk shawl that I carry with me on every trip out of the Kathmandu valley. Check out this Mulberry - Loopy leopard-print twill scarf.

  • Jersey Pants or leggings: Whether you wear them on board or change after take off, these have improved my long haul flights by 200%. I call them plane pants and they are like my plane pajamas allowing me to be unrestricted and relaxed, which increases the chances of me getting some sleep! I've had my eye on these Bassike - Organic cotton slim-leg pants.

  • Ballet flats or mocassins: Most websites and blogs I've read lately are surprised that people are still wearing them. But why not I say? They are comfortable and look classy without too much effort. And same goes for wearing them on the plane. Ballet flats are like your slippers for the sky!
    How cute are these Bloch - Classica ballerina flats?

  • A roomy, but not too big, carry on bag: The reason why I say, not too big, is the simple fact that the bigger the bag the more you put in it, therefore making one heavy bag! And don't forget that usually you have to carry these things around the terminal and then lift it up into the overhead compartment (unless a flight attendant comes and helps you) in the plane so I'm looking out for your best interests here! My husband wishes I would follow this...
    My dream carry-on bag
    Kate Moss for Longchamp - Gloucester travel bag

  • Lucas Paw Paw ointment: Perfect for plane-caused dry lips and any other cuts or insect bites you may encounter on your journey. I swear by this stuff ever since I put it on a burn I did to myself with a hair straightener a few days before a date with my then boyfriend (now husband), and in those few days the burn dried up and cleared with no scar!
Other things that I suggest are don't wear too much make up and drink lots of water on board. Bring a travel size moisturiser, hair brush, iPod, a good book/magazine, and of course a camera! Keep all your travel documents in a travel wallet (or something similar) just so during the stress of everything you know where everything is.

One thing that I am dying to try is: Batiste Dry Shampoo
It's apparently a new craze so I want to see if it really works and if it would be useful for traveling. If you've tried it let me know what you thought!

So there you have it! Hopefully I've helped you pack comfortably and well for your next adventure :)


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