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>> Friday, December 31, 2010

The Number 1 thing about 2011, is that we are going to be home in Australia :-) I almost feel like I could end the blog post there!

I mean the first week of 2011 will be spend in Nepal, but after that it will be all things Aussie and family and friends! I'm so excited!!

I'm pretty proud of myself in 2010. I was able to complete my 2010 'goals' which consisted of:
  • To take French lessons
  • Stop buying stuff online
  • Go to Paris
Numbers 1 and 3 easily done, but number 2 was a little bit difficult!  In comparison to 2009, I definitely decreased my online spending, but it was still up there in the "probably shouldn't have bought it" category.

So for 2011:
  • Eat healthier food (more home cooked meals; start putting together recipe book).
  • Go to America (LA and SF [and also NY?!]- for my cousins wedding in June).
  • Visit 2 new countries (then I can cross off "20 countries before 25" on my bucket list).
  • Get a job (since I don't have one at this point for 2011).
  • Buy a Chanel classic quilted black bag (my husband finally said I could - but it's dependent on the job issue!).
  • Sponsor a couple of Nepali kids schooling for the year.
What's on your 2011 goal list? 

Hope you have a wonderful 2011 filled with fun, friends, food and fabulous-ness!


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