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>> Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I know I've been a bit slack, but I've just been so tired and busy with work, but I'm here! And I've found something inspiring and beautiful (and not just a pretty face)...

Who knew that Helena Christensen was half Peruvian? Well I didn't, those light freckles certainly fooled me, and did you know she takes photos? I guess lots of people take photos, but not everyone goes back to their heritage and takes photos to highlight climate change...unless you do (if you do - tell me about it!)?

Anyways the modeling beauty went to Peru in 2009 to take photos and draw attention to the effects of climate change as an ambassador for Oxfam. Her exhibition was held in London in November 2009 and entitled, "Meltdown: Images of what we lose when the glaciers disappear."
And let me tell you, the things that we may lose are irreplaceable, priceless things that we can definitely have a hand in helping keep around.

So here is Helena Christensen as a photographer and her photos in Peru...and just a little note to think about this planet we live on...

"I start photographing all these cool little kids. Their cheeks are burned from constant exposure to the sun. Their clothes consist of layer upon layer of vividly coloured sweaters and skirts. They run around, shrieking with laughter chasing each other, whispering together."

Extract from Helena’s diary.

via {Diana Mini Love blog}


Camille Hayton July 28, 2010 at 8:55 PM  

I love your blog :)
Are we blog kindred spirits?! We seem to like so many of the same things!

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