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>> Friday, December 4, 2009

My new style icon for when I am, ahem, a mother. Ok, no, that's underestimating her - Queen Rania of Jordan is not only my style icon, but life role model and inspiration for working for the people, and here is why...

I know I'm not a queen, or princess for that matter (all the Disney movies lied to me), and won't be in this lifetime. However I do believe that celebrities or those in high places have some sort of social responsibility to the public. Imagine the influence they have on their admirers and followers. So I think it's important to be a good (dare I say it) example and to use their 'power' for good.Back to Queen Rania. I really admire what she is working towards and think she represents Muslims that are after the same thing as us westerners, world peace. Lately I have been very interested in Muslims and their beliefs, trying to understand the problems that are causing loss of life in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The more I learn, the more I understand about them and am less afraid of them. Queen Rania is an example of something good for the world. I must also highlight that she is a woman, and in the Middle East women aren't known for being in the spotlight, but Queen Rania has defied tradition and moves about freely (wearing whatever she likes) squashing all preconceptions westerns have about Middle Eastern women living highly constricted lives.
I recently watched an interview with her on CNN's Amanpour, and she was so well spoken, diplomatic in her answers but most of all passionate about education for the world's children. I just recently read Greg Mortensen's 'Three Cups of Tea' which highlights the fact that extremist Muslims who engage in terrorism are only recruited because they are usually in poverty and because they don't know any better, which is due to a lack of education. Some extremists would believe that an education is like being 'of the world', and hence do not promote it, especially for girls. Queen Rania believes that all children should have access to education as it give them an opportunity to work their way out of poverty.

Sorry I'm babbling. But I believe that this extra role of 'ambassador for education' suits Queen Rania quite well, and I believe that she is making a huge difference in this world by contributing to the construction of that bridge between cultures, to reunite the world.Queen Rania even has her own website, twitter account and facebook! She's so cool.


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