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>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

plain + simple = black + white
teemed together makes for a classy, up-to-date look that is definitely a standout...
i like it alot.


Beci Orpin

I could be behind the times on this one, but I have discovered the work of Beci Orpin. Cute gorgeous illustrations which have appeared on lots of things that you have probably seen around the place like Mt. Franklin water bottles for Breast Cancer awareness, Insight tees and even some designs for Bloom cosmetics. My personal favouring is the patterns and prints she has done for Genkie, Gorman and Irony and much more!

I love the little animals and flowers on her website, its so fun I pretty much visit it everyday just to see them jump around! Check her stuff out...Beci Orpin


Hello Wonderful Wardrobe

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Can this please be mine? Oh to walk into this every morning...


The Coolest Treehouse Ever?

A friend posted a link to this on facebook and i thought it was the coolest thing! the yellow treehouse restaurant in Auckland, NZ. i say, 'little kids eat your heart out!' If i made a treehouse like this when i was little...i'm pretty sure i would never have set foot back into my house and i would've settled into a life amongst the trees....ahh bliss!


What I've Always Needed!

>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

i'm so excited about this find! i can't believe it has taken me so long to find it! the best website in the world to keep you updated on the weather and what to wear for the day! this site has gorgeous illustrations and Michi is based is melbourne (which is where something like this is obviously needed with four seasons in one day), which is pretty cool as thats my home ground...check it out...Michi Girl


Quirky Storage & Organisation

i am quite surprised at how committed i have been to posting on this blog! it is currently 12.56am and the electricity came on about an hour ago and here i am blogging away!

here are some gorgeous ideas for what to do with some 'flea-market finds'. quirky, and an easy way to decorate your home while making things organised and creating extra storage! just what i need...


Never to be written in...

>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

If you asked my momma, she would tell you that i seemed to have a nice habit of collecting notebooks, never to be written in, just to be looked at.

My new outlook is, 'the words written in a notebook are what makes it unique - not the cover.'
Here are some notebooks i found that i would love to sit on my bookshelf, and fill in...eventually!


Time to Move on

>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

I left my Witchery 'Harley' sunglasses on a random bus somewhere in the middle of Nepal (do you get the drift that I will never see them again?), so now I'm on the hunt! I just recently got myself a pair of gold rimmed classic Ray Ban Aviators, but I need a versatile pair that I can at least wear to work and not look like I'm trying to be in a new bikie movie.

Here are my options, please don't hold back and tell me which ones to get!
TL - Karen Walker "Trixie"
TR - Von Zipper "Giggles"
BL - Karen Walker "Invisibility"
BR - Ray Ban "Wayfarers"

Of course my obsession with Karen Walker Continues...hence the pretty picture...


Fill Me Up

water. i really need to drink more of it, especially right now coz i think i'm getting a cold. this is just a reminder to you all out there to drink more water too! i do believe it helps with everything, from smooth skin to getting rid of sickness. so please go and drink some! i'm going to drag myself out of my chair and fetch a pail of water too...


Indulgent Chocolate

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A first look at this could possibly make you sick, but once you've taken a bite from Max Brenner's Chocolate Pizza, you will be sure to want to eat the whole least until it makes you feel sick!

But it is soooo delicious, that me and my wonderful friends in Melbourne had the great idea to make our own at home. Wanna try it too? Its obviously just a pizza base, with melted chocolate for the sauce base. Then, chop up some marshmallows and whatever flavoured chocolate bar you are feeling like, i.e. twix bar, mars bar and sprinkle all around with possibly some more plain chocolate on top. Put it in the oven until the top chocolate is melted and voila! Yummy chocolate pizza...

And yes, after most of us had only 1 or 2 pieces, our friend felt it was necessary to finish off the whole lot and he did feel incredibly sick afterwards. So only recommended in small doses or share it!


Feeling a bit hippie-ish

Today I'm feeling a bit hippie-ish so here are some things I would love to wear...if they were available here in Nepal!

TL - Rachel Leigh Hippie Chic Headband
TR -
Anna Sui Geo Patchwork Top
BL -
Pedro Garcia Cassie Ankle Wrap Flat Sandals
BR -
Zimmerman Stud Bag

All available at


The Daily Nice

>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love it! Such a cool idea, if you happen to have trees in your house...or maybe you could just do it to the trees in the backyard.

Its from a blog by photographer Jason Evans who takes pictures of things that are nice or make him happy and posts it on his blog everyday. Such a simple cool idea, makes me happy just thinking about it!


Apple Pancakes

So my husband and I have started a tradition of pancakes on Sunday mornings. Since the banana pancakes that I last wrote about, we've tried apple pancakes. Simply putting mashed apples (cooked the way you would for apple crumble) into the pancake mixture with some cinnamon sprinkled on top or mixed in. All you need to top it off is some yummy vanilla ice cream with some kiwis as seen above...Mmm yumm!


OOooh The City!

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

So I guess I've decided that I can now become some sort of fashion commentator since I have a fashiony blog! But it is no surprise that I am loving watching The City, and am of course obsessing over needing a visit to NYC. But something I've noticed since watching The City is that Whitney is doing a fine job marketing Diane von Furstenberg's clothing. In two episodes she is seen wearing the DVF Staedtler Jacket which retails online for USD$600. I admit, I want it! But feeling like its a little bit over exposed now...and I clearly cannot afford that! I'm wondering if Whitney either gets paid alot or is definitely getting some good job perks!

Can't wait for the next season of The City!!


Just Dreaming...

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

Came across this beautiful photographic collection called "Dreams of Flying" by Jan Von Holleben. I absolutely love the theme of childhood dreams and the extent of a child's imagination.

On the website it says...

"Crossing the desert on the back of a dog, or searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the ocean. Jan von Holleben’s photographs make nostalgic dreams come true."

I'm going to go back to my childhood dreaming too...


Handbags Mend Hearts too

I think someone's blog I read somewhere (total attribution to them when I figure out where I read it!) is called "shoes mend hearts" which I think is totally true....just gotta add "handbags mend hearts" to it too! I do know that both definitely make me happy when both or one of them are purchased!

Here are some gorgeous Nicola Finetti accessories: a cute Oversize Patent Leather Clutch and Stacked Black Gladiator Heels...either of which are probably not so versatile here in Kathmandu! But I'm sure someone somewhere is looking for these to perfect an outfit!


Good enough to Lick

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

Not feeling so great today...have a real yuk tummy bug - which I guess is what you get for living in a third world country! But you'd think that food would be the last thing on my mind...but no - instead I found myself looking at crockery...of all things!

Gorgeous plates and bowls from Urban Outfitters in the US of A. Good enough to lick off!


Habla usted español?

Yes, some changes that you may have noticed! Obviously the title of my blog, which directly translated means "beautiful pink goods"...coz well, i love pink! Especially pink things! And the reason for the Spanish is that my Filipino grandmother's name was Bienaveda (deriving from 'good' in Spanish) because her grandfather (my great grand-father) was a Spanish priest. I was dwelling on this a bit today because my cousin, Bien, is named after my grandmother and I was thinking that it was such a beautiful name. Why couldn't I be named after my grandmother too?

So thats the story behind the name change, I still need to get used to it so don't be surprised if I change it back and forth a few times!

...and the reason for the photo is that the Spanish influence mixed in with my current craving for the sea shore, so it led me to find this polaroid of a Spanish beach hut...


From Nature to Fashion

>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

I think its the 'fresh' air and the mountainous landscape that is making me more concerned about saving the earth, but I've also come into using natural resources and so that's why I'm loving kikki.K's new Jord Stationery Collection.

P.s also loving that they are an official product partner for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival! Which I wish I was at right about now...


My Day

My Wedding
My Wedding - by bezzieboo on

It is any girls' proudest day, when she gets to marry the man of her dreams and carry out her childhood planning of wedding dresses, flowers, hair do's and rings! Well my day was just as wonderful as I have always dreamed...actually it felt just like a dream! And only now that I can look at it in hindsight do I realise how blessed we were to have wonderful sunshine. Here is an inspiration board I threw together on Polyvore with all the images I used to make my wedding day.


Me and my OK! Mag

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Call me conservative or with too much time on my hands, but check out my doodling...I fixed up all these ladies outfits, helping them look more respectable! Gweynth Paltrow is looking stylish in some genie pants, Victoria Beckham is actually wearing something that goes below her knees and Pammy is a repeat offender because she's been snapped in the same denim shorts twice!
Oh the thrills of living in a third world country...


House of Harlow

If you have been browsing the Grazia website you would've noticed these beautiful pieces of jewelery designed by none other than Nicole Ritchie and name after her daughter Harlow. They would make the perfect statement against a simple outfit. I love the Sunburst Cocktail Ring! You can buy them online at Miijo. I'm going to start saving up for these!

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